A New Cooperation in Aerospace Industry: Turkish Aerospace Industries and Boeing Company to Design and Produce Thermoplastic Composite Parts

Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc (“TAI”) and the Boeing Company (“Boeing”) have recently signed a cooperation for developing appropriate capability of thermoplastic composite parts production in line with the aviation standards in Turkey. Officials of TAI have declared that they will remain on increasing the direction of new production technologies and the aviation sector with such important collaborations. Again, officials of Boeing have stated that such collaboration will likely widen the scope of the Boeing’s investment project in Turkey named National Aviation Program and Technology Collaboration with TAI.

In furtherance of the technical support and experience gained from the cooperation with Boeing, TAI has made a new investment for the design and production of thermoplastic composite parts, which will incorporate high-capacity rapid production technology and will take place in future aircrafts. Following to the project named High Efficiency Affordable Rapid Thermoplastic (“HEART”), thermoplastic composite parts to be produced at the highest quality are expected to reduce the cost in product cycle and process areas by 30% compared to the conventional composites. Furthermore, the facility which will enable the training of technical personnel who will work in the field of the project, will produce thermoplastic composite parts at the global standards with local and national facilities.

Following to the new collaboration signed with Boeing, TAI puts into service a new facility that will enable the production of fully automated and high quality parts without human touch, using thermoplastic materials that provide energy and cost savings, as well as reducing the weight of aircrafts.

Şafak Herdem, Ezgi Ceren Aydoğmuş

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